Jezzards Estate AgentsI just sold my house through our local agents Jezzards. It’s a nice feeling when the offers comes in so fast and I have to say of all the estate agents I’ve dealt with over the years they were by far the most “normal”. That might sound odd but bear with me and I’ll explain.

Reasons estate agents can be classed as NOT normal:

  1. They are not photographers but seem to be an expert with their mobile phones and tiny little cameras.
  2. Maths must not be the strongest point in their education as how a house can be valued by 3 agents and come out £100,000 apart is beyond me.
  3. They are experts in feigning interest in all conversations and when questioned about what you just said they know exactly to the letter what it was. NOT normal!
  4. Owning so many H&M suits and somehow making them look expensive is a talent the rest of us can’t brag about.

So with all that said the guys at Jezzards were not only the cheapest but they were just,well, normal guys and I had every faith they knew what they were doing and was happy to be proven right.

If you have a house in the London area around Feltham, Hampton or Twickenham it’s worth giving them a call when you want to sell as I can’t recommend them highly enough.