need a roofing companyI recently repaired a flat roof on my house and while I was up there saw some tiles that looked dodgy too so decided to give them a quick repair. Not having ever attempted a roof tile repair before I thought I’d share some tips with you. Might save you a lot of headaches if you decide to have a go yourself.

I made a bit of a bodge of the flat roof so decided to get Brighton Roofing in to do a quick repair job for me which only took them an hour. Can’t do it all yourself!

Safety First Always

Your going to be high up obviously so it goes without saying that you need to get a ladder. Make sure you have someone at the base of the ladder to support it or get a heavy duty one with rubber non slip feet. Make sure it’s on flat even ground.

Find The Leak Easily

It goes without saying you want to repair the roof when it’s dry. Take a garden hose up there and get someone in the roof. Then spray all over the area you suspect a leak to be to find it easily.

Inspect Your Roof Tile Regularly

Roof tiles cracking and slipping are the main cause of leaks. Check them out every 6 months or at least once a year before winter. The cracking is usually caused by heat changes expanding and contracting the roof tiles.

Eliminate Leaks Quickly

It’s important not to get discouraged when a leak can’t be found. It’s a process of elimination. If you really cant find it yourself you’ll need to get a professional in. The national Federation of Roofing Contractors have a directory so you can find a good one in your local area. Be sure they are insured and check out references on checkatrade or somewhere like that.